A solution that provides a DevOps environment
by utilizing the CI/CD pipeline technology and
automating developments and operations


With TROMBONE, users can manage individual builds,
deployments, analysis, and test pipelines in project-unit.

With TROMBONE, works, such as builds, deployments,
and analysis, are no longer dependent on a single pipeline
but can be operated on many pipelines.


Characteristics of TROMBONE

The automatic verification and deployment, which takes the Build-Test-Analysis-Deployment procedure,
allows developers to work efficiently as they no longer have to invest in additional resources apart from source code change.
Characteristics of TROMBONE
Automatic and Manual Pipeline Execution
  • Support trigger-based automatic pipeline step-by-step execution
  • Support manual and scheduler-based placement baseline pipeline execution
Deployment History Management and Rollback
  • Utilize CI/CD pipelines to support the historical management of deployed applications and provide rollback when an issue occurs
GUI-based Deployment Flow Configuration and Management
  • Provide professional status and progress result audit function of each pipeline
  • Allow simple configuration through GUI
Inspection and Tracking
  • Allow Inspection and Tracking through activity log, history, test result audit of each pipeline

Architecture of TROMBONE

TROMBONE, OKEATRO’s DevOps Solution, consists of TROMBONE Web Portal and TROMBONE Management Module
  • Trombone Web Portal configures CI/CD pipeline with GUI and offer an environment which can execute
  • TROMBONE Management Module consists of development that is integral to the configuration of the CI/CD pipeline and a module that is required for development and operation.
    Web portal
  • CI/CD Pipeline Configuration

    Create Account

    Log In

    Pipeline Audit

  • TROMBONE Management Module
  • Pipeline Management

    Build Management

    Deployment Management

    Analysis Management

    Test Management

    User Management

Contents of Function

  • Configure CI/CD pipelines as users wanted to configure and provide an environment which executes
  • Can configure and connect Build Management, Deployment Management, Analysis Management, and Test Management, disregarding the order of blocks

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Contents of Function