A precursor of AI and big data-based intelligent cloud


Symphony A.I. is an artificial intelligence for IT operations.
AIOps aims to optimize IT operations by introducing A.I.
into ICT cloud operations, breaking away from traditional
IT environments and introducing data-based decision-making.

Preemptive Anomaly Detection
Cloud optimal allocation

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Data Collection and Analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Comprehensive collection of metric and log data of system infrastructure (both physical and virtual)
  • Optimized data preprocessing and variable selection
  • Operational pattern-based clustering to create custom data
AI/ML Deep Learning and prediction

AI/ML Deep Learning and prediction

  • Provides Low-Cost BUT High-Efficiency adoptive model learning
    through data process to fit the characteristics of the workload
  • Creates an artificial intelligence-based model that
    comprehensively considers short-term, medium-term,
    and long-term prediction models
  • Provides unique, high-performance predictive models
    through ensemble techniques
AI/ML deep learning and prediction
Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

  • Optimal allocation based on resource prediction data
  • Increase operational efficiency and cost reduction by providing optimal deployment plan per cluster
  • Customized management capabilities for individual resources by recommending appropriate capacity and optimization measures after diagnosing the status of virtual resources.
Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

  • Preceding post-failure response, Anomaly Detection provides capabilities to preemptively respond to system failure
  • Detects anomalies of each category comprehensively utilizing data related to overall infrastructure, such as metric data, log data, and failure history
  • Allows efficient operation in the managing-level by proving anomaly prioritization forecast and suggesting customized countermeasures to corresponding anomalies